The fitness industry has evolved over the past 30 years from aerobic classes, to gyms equipped with weight-training machines, to at-home fitness with its own equipment and DVD's. Today you may see many of the same exercises that were performed in years past, but with a new twist and hopefully a safe technique that helps to promote great results.

Exercise such as lunges and squats are classic exercises that have been researched and modified over the years. Techniques taught 15-20 years age are changing as research discover safe and more effective uses of these exercises to maximize results. Of course, you will find misuses of these exercise too, as not every "new" fitness trends has the exerciser's best interest in mind.

You may have heard the expression, "if it ain 't broke, don't fix it," and this can also apply to many exercises. Although research is more thorough in the fitness industry today and technology has provided a society where exercise can be done virtually anywhere, there are many types of workouts that are still effective today. The basic push-ups, lunges, squats, pull-ups, medicine ball training and interval training are all part of fitness 101 and continue to be used today with great effectiveness.

What is different today are the people who take part in exercise programs. In the past, organized exercise was not the only form of exercise most people complete weekly. Today there are many people who only exercise in the gym or as part of an organized exercise program (i.e., gym workouts, DVD's at home, etc.), if at all.

Today's adults and children live more sedentary lives, leading to the development of many creative drugs that many people now Buy Fioricet to spark the interests of the non-excercisers to help with mild pain. In the past the challenge was to encourage people to try something new, and today, unfortunately, the plea is to get people to exercise as a matter of life and death.

Although there are many exercises that seemed to be recycled, there many exercises and exercise techniques that are new and offer great benefits, such as cardiovascular training, different methods of strength and the importance of flexibility and core stability.

A blend of old and new is the best way to continue to develop safe and effective exercise programs, no matter what the year.