My excercise partner designed a workout that has us doing total body strength training every session. We work out five days a week for about an hour, splitting the time during cardiovascular excercise and strength training. Since we began this program i have seen some results, but i have not stopped being sore. Is it normal for me to stay sore, or should we change our work outs?

Designing a work out that will show results while keeping safe in the long run can be challenging. The first point to remember is that "more is not always better". Our desire to see results can motivate us to try to do as much excercise as possible in hopes that we can shorten the time it takes to reach our goals. Remaining sore after each workout is a sign that your body needs more recovery time. It is great that you and your excercise partner have made time to work out five days a week and that you are seeing results. I would encourage you to continue to make that time available, but i would suggest using that time in a different manner.

Your body needs time to recover between workouts so it will be ready for the next session. Remaing sore day after day could limit your body ability to work as efficiently during the next work out, atually keeping you from reaching your goals over time

Try completing your strength training total body work out three days week, along with cardiovascularexcercise for thirty minutes within that hour. Be sure to design your strength training work outs appropiately so that the weight is not too heavy. Remember, the weight you choose to lift should be able to complete with proper technique. Having to lose your technique would suggest the weight os o heavy.

On one of the other two days of the week ytou work out, i would recomend cardiovascular and flexability training. Try cross training, where you use different forms of cardiovascular excercise such as walking jogging, cycling, in line skating, etc. Also consider interval training, which involves alternating between easier to harder intensities through out your cardiovascular work outs. Again, be cautious not raise your heart rate to high (where you do not see a coniserable ammount of recovery one minute after the excercise is complete).